Service & Fees

Service & Fees

We do more than Cats and Dogs…

Rabbits, chickens, fish, ferrets, guinea pigs, birds, lizards, turtles and frogs – Adelaide Pet Sitters are familiar with many different animals, and happy to learn about those we aren’t quite so familiar with.

We offer you the choice of Premium Value or Pamper Plus packages


Premium Value – for independent pets who need fresh water and food, litter change and pats & hugs but are happy with a minimum of fuss. From $35 up to 30 minutes*.

60-pamper-plus-300x110Pamper Plus – for extra special pets that need a lot of love and attention – in addition to premium value extra time is provided for brushing, playing, walking and/or just having someone there for companionship, reassurance and bonding. From $60 for 60 minutes*.

* package costs are indicative and will vary depending on suburb, period of care, time of year, number and type of pets.
Fees are based on service zones as indicated on our “territory map”.

Our packages include:

  • Free initial consultation
  • Turn on/off lights, tv/radio, curtains/blinds
  • Bring in/take out bins
  • Security check of house
  • Water pot plants (if further watering required you will need to book our garden watering service)
  • Mail collection
  • We can also provide a ‘return home’ shopping service for items such as milk, bread etc

Ask Julie about a free initial consultation

Phone: 0417 873267 Or contact us via email:

When you have to leave your pet in the hands of another, it can be an anxious experience. I was so nervous to leave our cat Gizmo when we went overseas recently, but Julie really helped to soothe my nerves. She sent daily emails of her adventures with Gizmo, accompanied with photos and even a video on occasion. I was so happy to see how well Gizmo was doing I cried when I received the first few emails. She was kind and affectionate towards him, and always made sure that her routine followed our wishes meaning that he was fed well and entertained while we were away. Finishing touches like watering plants, collecting our mail and putting our bins out meant we returned home to a happy cat and an ordered house -  I won't be stressed at all next time I go away because I know Julie will make sure our cat is content. I couldn't have asked for a better pet sitter. - Sophia, Manningham

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